Communal mail system

Inhabitants in your municipality already have a postal address displaying its name.

They could also have a customized e-mail address with the name of your municipality:

  • an e-mail address they can proudly send all their contacts
  • all the tools of the Mailo service at their disposal
  • a high-quality European mail system
  • a service for families and children as well

Benefits for your municipality:

  • a tailored service for your constituents
  • good visibility and a technological image among your constituents and all their contacts

How to set up your communal mail system

1 -Fill up the information form about the communal mail system at the bottom of this page.
2 -Mailo will get in touch with you and help you outline your new communal mail system.
3 -You choose the domain name which will be used for the e-mail addresses of the inhabitants in your municipality.
The purchase of this domain name, which costs 15 euros per year, is your only expense.
You choose a photo which will be displayed on the access page of your webmail.
4 -Mailo will take care of the whole setup and management of the service.
5 -You can then diffuse the address of your communal mail system.
The inhabitants in your municipality can freely create their e-mail addresses, using the domain name which you have chosen.

Information form about the communal mail system

Fill up the form below and Mailo will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Name of the municipality:
Zip code:
Your name:
Your e-mail address:

You can add a message to ask your questions or give additional information: