You can share your data with other persons, even if they do not use Mailo.

Two kinds of access rights are available:

  • read-only: the persons you share the data with can read it, and in particular copy it
  • read and write: the persons you share the data with can read it, but also add or remove files

Several types of shares are available:

  • A share by e-mail address allows you to secure access to your data.
    A personal email is sent to each of the addresses you enter:
    • The recipients already using Mailo will access your data directly in their account.
    • The others will be able to sign up to Mailo with their current email address.
  • A share by link allows you to create a quick access link to your data.
    Anyone with this link will be able to access your shared data.
    You can communicate this link any way you choose.
  • A share with a space allows you to share your data with all the members of a Mailo space you belong to.
    They can access your data directly in their Mailo account.
    New members added to this space will automatically have access to your data as well, whereas people leaving this space cannot access it any longer.

Shared data can be accessed in the webmail and by the synchronization protocols provided by Mailo.