Write an e-mail

To send a message to one or more recipients, click on the  Write button on top of the menu. This takes you to the page to write a message.

While you are writing your message, it is saved automatically at regular intervals in the  Drafts folder, which prevents any accidental loss of your text.


Several methods are available to indicate the recipient of your message:

  • you can fill the Recipients field with an e-mail address; if there are several recipients, separate their addresses with commas;
  • the button, located on the right above the Recipients field, allows you to directly insert the address of one of your favorite contacts;
  • the button, located on the right above the Recipients field, allows you to display the alphabetical list of contacts whose e-mail address you already have in your address book.

To send a message to one or several recipients and send the same message in copy to other recipients, click on the Cc link to make the Cc field appear and fill it.

To send a message to one or several recipients and send the same message in copy to other recipients without the main recipients being aware of the others in copy, click on the Bcc link so that the Bcc field appears and fill it in.

Attachments and files sent as links

You can attach one or several files to your message. These can be uploaded from your computer's hard disk or from your Mailo virtual disk. You can also select files attached to e-mails which you have previously received.

Once you have attached one or more files, the list of attachments, as well as their size, is displayed behind the symbol. Up to 25 MB files can be attached to a message. This limit is increased to 50 MB with the Premium pack.

Mailo also allows you to add files as links rather than sending them with the message.

Text editor

You can choose to send a message in Plain text or in Rich text (HTML) thanks to the button on the top right hand side of the message composition window. If you start writing your message in Rich text, switching to Plain text will remove the graphic layout and style information.

You can choose the default settings of the Rich text editor, for instance to define a default font or text color.

Whichever mode you choose, the  Signature button allows you to add a signature to your message, among the ones you will have defined in the Signatures item in the Options menu.

You can also check the spelling in the text of your message by clicking on the  Spelling button. Then click on the colored words to select a correction proposal, add the word to your personal dictionary, or ignore the proposed correction for this word.

Other sending options

By default, messages will be sent using your Mailo address as sender address. You can choose to send your message with another address, either among the ones you collect or one of your aliases.

You can choose the priority level of your message: low, normal or high.

You can ask the recipients of your message for a read receipt by checking Read receipt. The request for a read receipt will be shown to the recipient when he reads the message. If he chooses to indicate that he has read it, you will receive a read receipt message.

You can choose to keep a copy of the message you send in your  Sent folder, either with or without the attachments.

You can send your e-mail immediately or choose the day and time when it should be sent. If you choose delayed sending, you will not be able to cancel it once you have validated it.