Predefined folders are available to sort your messages. You can reach them easily in the left menu:

  • Sent for the messages you have sent:
  • Trash for the messages which you have deleted but which have not been removed from the system yet:
  • Drafts for the messages you have written but not sent:
  • Spam for the received spam messages:
  • Newsletters for the newsletters you have received:
  • Social networks for the notifications from social networks you have received:
  • Register for the registered messages you have sent:
  • E-cards for the e-cards you have sent.

Besides these folders, you can create personal folders and subfolders, which you can access through the  Folder list. You can select which of these folders are displayed in the menu, so that you can reach them more easily.

In the menu, the list of folders shows for each of them how many messages or new messages it contains, according to your preference. The name of folders containing at least one unread message is displayed in bold. By clicking on the name of a folder, you can display the list of messages it contains, similarly to how the mails in the inbox are displayed.