Registered e-mail

The registered e-mail adds two features to the standard e-mail: security and read receipt.

To send a registered e-mail, write your e-mail as usual. You can add a password to it.

When you post the message, this one is stored on the local system. Only an e-mail notification is sent to the recipients, with a URL to access the message. When the recipients receive the e-mail notification, they only have to click on the given link to visualize your message.

If you protected the registered e-mail with a password, it will be requested before your message is displayed. You will have to communicate this password to the recipients, for instance by phone.

!Warning!This password MUST NOT BE the same as your Mailo password!

Registered e-mails are stored in the "Register" message folder. Messages are automatically updated with the date and time when the recipients read them. Deleting a message from this folder will make it unreachable to your correspondents.