You can link alternative email addresses, called aliases, to your Mailo account. Like the messages sent to your main email address, emails sent to your aliases will arrive directly into your mailbox.

You may for instance use aliases in the following cases:

  • to use different e-mail addresses depending on your correspondents (family, friends, professional contacts...)
  • when you need a valid e-mail address but do not wish to give away your main address (for instance to validate your registration to a website)
  • if you have your own domain name, to use a customized e-mail address while keeping your Mailo address

You can create aliases then use them to send and receive emails. You can delete them at any time. You can also change your main e-mail address by choosing your new main e-mail address among your aliases. In order to prevent abuses, the number of aliases which can be created over a period of 30 days is limited.

Warning! You can only use your main e-mail address to connect to your Mailo account on the webmail, with a mail client, or with an app.

Alias++ (Premium feature)

The Alias++ feature allows you to use aliases to receive e-mails without creating them beforehand. Just add the ++ characters followed by the keyword of your choice at the end of your login, before the @ (for instance:

In order to no longer receive messages sent to a specific alias++, you can invalidate it.

You can also use an alias++ based on one of your standard aliases. However, it is not possible to use an alias++ as the sender address of your messages.