Premium Net-C accounts are exempt from any advertising.

However, free Net-C accounts are paid for by the display of advertising banners.
Net-C has entrusted the management of the advertising banners to several advertising agencies:

  • Criteo
  • Orange Advertising
  • TF1 Publicité

Net-C has notified these agencies its complete refusal of any aggressive, noisy or adult advertising.

Net-C does not communicate to the advertising agencies the e-mail address of the user, nor the personal information provided by the user in their profile, nor any of the data which the user keeps in their Net-C account (correspondence, contacts, documents...).

Targeted advertising

The advertising agencies partnering with Net-C are likely to know some of the sites previously visited by the user with the same browser and to use them in order to display targeted advertisements.

However, Net-C categorically refuses the practices of some market leaders, who use:

  • the contents of e-mails received and sent by the user
  • the data stored by the user in their account
  • the searches done by the user in search engines


Cookies are small data files which allow to keep information in the browser. Cookies are deposited by Internet sites so that they can identify the browser and follow it from page to page. Internet sites can only access the cookies which they have stored themselves on the brower.

Session cookies

For the operation of the service, and especially for its security, Net-C uses cookies, named session cookies.

These cookies only contain a temporary code allowing Net-C to identify the user during their session on the service. No record of this code is kept by Net-C at the end of the session.

If the user chooses to be recognized automatically on each return visit to Net-C, a cookie is stored on their browser to this purpose. This cookie contains a code which cannot be humanly interpreted.

These cookies are declared on the domain names of Net-C:

Advertising cookies

Advertising agencies can deposit cookies on the user's browser, in order to adapt the displayed banners. These cookies are declared on the domain name of the agency.

Advertising agencies have numerous partners which can also display advertising banners and deposit cookies on their own domain names.

Thanks to these cookies, agencies having agreements with advertisers can display advertising banners which are specific to the user having recently visited the site of an advertiser (targeted advertising).

For each of these advertising agencies and their partners, you can refuse the use of these cookies for targeted advertising by following the opt-out procedures which they propose. Advertising banners will still be displayed, but they will not be targeted any more.

Advertising agencyDomain name of the cookiesOpt-out procedure
TF1 Publicité.tf1.fr

The list above is not comprehensive, since it does not contain cookies deposited by third-parties as part of RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising. Indeed, the storage of cookies by a third party in these circumstances can technically only be ascertained afterwards.