Пакет "Премиум"

With the Premium pack, you have the best available Net-C service for 1 euro per month.

Benefits of the Premium pack

  • a mailbox expanded to 20 Гб
  • sending e-mails with up to 50 Мб of attachments
  • 5 Гб for the virtual disk and the photo albums
  • рекламы нет
  • POP3 access
  • до 100 виртуальных адресов
  • automatic collect of external addresses
  • automatic e-mail transfer
  • an address for life
  • a Premium support at the address

Why get the Premium pack?

  • The Net-C Premium mailboxes are the most comprehensive on the market.
  • Paying for a true service is a sound practice:
    • It gives you rights in terms of quality of service.
    • It requires the publisher to strive for excellence.
    • It allows the service to avoid being funded by advertising.
  • The price of the Premium pack, 1 euro per month, remains symbolic.

How to get the Premium pack?

The ПРЕМИУМ button in your account allows you to get or extend your Premium pack by one of the following payment methods:

  • по телефону (for 2 months per surcharged phone call)
  • при помощи кредитной карточки (for one or several years)
  • посредством вашего счета на PayPal (for one or several years)

Пакет "Премиум" можно активировать на указанный вами срок - от 2 месяцев до нескольких лет.