Mobile app

Net-C offers a free mobile application for smartphones, which can be downloaded from the online stores:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone

The application gives access to all the features of the webmail:

  • E-mail
  • Książka adresowa
  • Kalendarz
  • Dysk wirtualny
  • Albumy ze zdjęciami
  • Notatki
  • Pęk kluczy

The application offers the following features:

  • Notification of new messages
  • Offline reading of the last received e-mails
  • Synchronization of contacts between your phone and your Net-C account

Privacy policy for the mobile application

As part of the commitments formulated in the regulamin Net-C, Net-C guarantees for its mobile application a strict respect of the confidentiality of correspondence and of the privacy of its users. In order to operate and provide a full and effective service, the Net-C application has to ask for authorizations or permissions as it is installed. Net-C commits to use only the information strictly needed for the service to operate.


By default, the Net-C application asks for access to the contacts, in order to synchronize them between the iPhone (or iPad) and the Net-C account. This access can be revoked in the Settings of the device.


In order to operate, the Net-C application for Android requires the following permissions:

  • have full network access: to communicate with the Net-C servers
  • read the contents of your SD card, modify or delete the contents of your SD card: to store or add attachments and use the virtual disk
  • change your audio settings, prevent your device from sleeping, control vibration: to notify of the arrival of new messages
  • read your contacts, modify your contacts, find accounts on the device: to synchronize contacts between the phone or the tablet and the Net-C account