Reading PGP e-mails

PGP e-mails received on Net-C can be identified in the list of messages thanks to specific icons:

Normal e-mailPGP e-mail
Nachricht nicht gelesenUngesehenUngesehen
Nachricht gelesenGesehenGesehen
Nachricht beantwortetGeantwortetGeantwortet
Nachricht verschicktGeschicktGeschickt

When a PGP e-mail is opened, Net-C automatically uses the keys in the user's PGP keyring to decrypt the message. Decrypting the message requires using the private key corresponding to the public key which has been used to encrypt it.

If the private key is protected by a passphrase, the user is asked for it before the message can be decrypted. The passphrase is kept for the duration of the current session, so that it is not requested again. However, at the end of the session, the passphrase is not memorized any more.

When a PGP e-mail is decrypted, Net-C proposes an information link in the e-mail header, which indicates with which key is has been signed and for which recipients it has been encrypted.