Für Schulen

Net-C has set up the first e-mail service for schools.

The goal is to teach pupils theory and practice about the Internet in general and e-mail in particular.

Net-C Family allows you to create a full mail system for your school.

Within each class, the teachers can make the pupils discover e-mail in a recreational, educational and secure environment.

Mail for your school

  • Your webmail can be customized with your logo, your colors and your access page.
  • Jeder Lehrer und jeder Schüler in Ihrer Schule kann sein eigenes Net-C-Konto haben.
  • You can create as many classes as you need.
  • A school directory is available, as well as a directory for each class.
  • Accounts for children are protected.
  • Every year, assign the children to their new classes, under the responsibility of their teachers.
  • Once the children leave the school, entrust the management of their accounts to their parents, so that they can keep using their Net-C e-mail address.

  • Schüler können nur Mails untereinander versenden, an Ihre Lehrer und mit bestätigten Kontakten in ihren Adressbüchern.
  • When a pupil adds a contact to their address book, the teacher receives a validation request.
  • Nachrichten, die von anderen Adressen an einen Schüler gesendet werden, werden automatisch an den Lehrer umgeleitet.

A domain name for your school

  • Customize the e-mail addresses of the teachers by buying the domain name of your school.
  • Use Net-C e-mail addresses for pupils, so that they can keep using them even after they have left the school.

A website for your school

  • Design your website with the best available free tools.
  • Use the domain name purchased on Net-C Family.