Создание учетной записи Net-C

    Choice of your Net-C e-mail address
    An e-mail address is composed of a personal login and a domain name.
    • Choose the login freely: from 4 to 40 alphanumeric and/or special characters (- . _ ' +).
    • Among the domain names proposed by Net-C, choose the one you prefer.
    E-mail adresses are case-insensitive.
    Электронный адрес:
    Your password
    Choose the password which will allow you to connect to your Net-C account.
    Your password must be between 6 and 60 characters long. Numbers, upper-case and lower-case letters, and special characters are allowed, but white spaces are not.
    • Never give out your password to anybody, especially by e-mail. If you receive an e-mail asking for your password, it is a fraud aiming to hack your mailbox. Net-C will never ask for your password by e-mail.
    • Do not use your Net-C password on other websites, which could be compromised.
    Net-C recommends using a password at least 8 characters long, combining numbers, upper-case and lower-case letters, and special characters.
    Подтвердите пароль:
    Пароли должны полностью совпадать
    Если вы забыли пароль

    If ever your forget your password, you can enter your account:

    • either by answering the security question you will have defined
    • or thanks to a rescue e-mail address you will have provided

    Choose your security question and your answer very carefully, so that only you can find the answer, yet it should be so that you can remember it even after several years.

    Choose a rescue e-mail address which only you can access.

    Предупреждение! If someone else can find out the answer to your security question or access your rescue e-mail address, they will be able to enter your Net-C account.

    Security question:
    Your answer is case-insensitive.
    Rescue e-mail address:
    Your profile
    День рождения:
    If this is a change of e-mail address
    Net-C offers you to transfer your e-mails automatically from your previous mail account. If you wish, you can indicate your previous e-mail address.
    Your previous e-mail address:
    Protection against robots
    Net-C tries to avoid automatic account creation by robots.
    The frame below contains an instruction which you must follow to check that it is not an automatic account creation.
    Follow the instruction and write the result:
    Copy the code contained in the frame below.
    Введите код, соответствующий изображенному:
     Illegible code? Generate a new code
    Чтобы создать и использовать Net-C учетную запись, вы должны прочитать и принять Условия использования.
    In particular:
    • Free Net-C accounts are paid for by advertising.
    • Advertising agencies can deposit cookies on the user's browser, in order to adapt the displayed banners. Узнать больше
    However, Premium accounts are exempt from any advertising.
    For Premium accounts, no advertising or marketing cookies are deposited on the browser.
    You would like a Premium account without advertising